Cosmos DB Data Source with Grafana

Hello, has anyone had any luck on implementing CosmosDB into Grafana as a data source (without using MongoDB). Is there any plugin or workaround I can use?


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One way could be rest api using infinity plugin

Thanks! I’ll take a look. Do you have any resource or guide on how to setup infinity plugin with CosmosDB on Grafana? It seems to me like the link you provided isn’t listing Infinity.

rest api is ubiquitous nowadays so any rest api implementation using infinity should be easy, there are lots of examples in this forum with different rest apis using infinity plugin

Or write an express api to fetch the data for you

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:wave: We recently released an Azure CosmosDB data source. Read more about it here

requires Enterprise License. wont be a solution for OSS folks.

@yosiasz The free tier in Grafana Cloud has access to the CosmosDB data source.

how about on prem OSS
for the little man

We currently do not have plans to make this data source OSS or on prem without an enterprise license.

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