I don't see a plugin for Amplitude integration. Has anyone done this?

I am looking to integrate events from Amplitude into Grafana. But I don’t see a plugin for this. Has anyone here done this?

Welcome @shanal

What is the datasource and what does it look like? Can you post some sample data?
Which visualization do you want to show it in

Hi @shanal There is no current plugin for amplitude but there are a few things you can do since Amplitude seems to have an API for their platform:

  • Use something like the infinity plugin to fetch data directly from their API and present it in a panel.
  • Build your own grafana plugin for it and share it with the community
  • Contact Amplitude about your requirements and ask them to create a plugin for Grafana (though there’s no guarantee they will go through with the request).
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Thank you for the suggestions.
I was able to install the infinity plugin and use the Amplitude API to query events.

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