Integral / Sum for a graph / time series (daily MPPT-Power)


I made a graph (from influxdb) with calculated MPPT-String-Power (kw). Now I want to have a (seperate) bar or value which shows the daily (integral?) sum of the MPPT-Power (kwh).

any suggestion?

Hi @mdkeil - welcome to the forum. Sorry for not being very specific, but there are quite a few existing threads on the forum where this is discussed. Maybe you can search around and see if they help. Let me know if you have trouble finding relevant stuff.

thxs for you answer…

I made it with following queries to get an absolute value…

SELECT Integral(“mppt1_p”,1h) FROM (SELECT (“Spannung_String_1” * “Strom_String_1” * 0.97) AS “mppt1_p” FROM “PV”) WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1d,-2h)

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Hi, you do not need to use a separate query.

In the panel, you are using, you have the options in the edit menu to display first, last, sum, max, average in the legend menu it will do this for you. See below.


Otherwise, repeat the query in another panel like stat to return the sum.

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