Installation help - CentOS 7.x

Scenario: Installing grafana as the owner of CentOS 7.4 host, but I do not have root, and want to avoid needing at all costs. We are trying to leverage Grafana, but want to manage it without needing to request help from our Unix SA’s every time we need to make a change. So we can’t use package managers and all that.

I am not seeing any instructions for installation if I just want to pull down the tarball and extract and build (i.e., not using go as directed in the README. We want to follow our vendor software model and install to a certain location, but go does not seem to allow for that.

I have some concerns though:

  1. Simply extracting the tarball seems to miss some steps that the Go method handles, such as the creation of the grafana user.
  2. After building with go, there are many more files and directories/subdirs than if we simply extract the tarball.

Can someone point me towards any docs that can help with this? I’m not seeing anything on this at:

just extract it to any folder and start grafana server with ./bin/grafana-server

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ok, it seemed like it was that easy to get it running.

Do I lose anything by not using one of the documented methods? What about the components build with nodeJS? The terms “Front-end assets” and “back-end assets” are a bit unclear.

I don’t want to shortchange us.

Thanks for your help!