Install Oracle-OEM Plugin in Grafana Enterprise instance running as a container on AKS

We need to install the OEM Grafana plugins in our Grafana enterprise instance. This plugin is not readily available in Grafana.

We have hosted Grafana as a container on the AKS environment using Helm chart. We need steps to install the custom plugins in Grafana.

The real question is how to mount this plugin or make it available for the containers on the cluster and to persist it always. Do we need to use extra volume mounts to upload the plugin first and then refer it here or are there any other ways to achieve this? Kindly share the detailed step or blogs to implement this.

Following are the questions:

  1. How to mount custom path /var/lib/grafana/plugins as a volume on cluster.

  2. How to place OEM zip file plugins in the path /var/lib/grafana/plugins using helm post mounting.

  3. What would happen to existing plugin placed in the /var/lib/grafana/plugins ? i read few blogs that it would delete the existing plugin once we will mount it and work as an empty directory.

  4. How to refer the volumes to point to Plugins section of Grafana . Will it automatically detect the plugins placed in this folder.?

Any help would be appreciated.