Install Grafana Helm Chart together with the Grafana App For Kubernetes

On our Kubernetes Cluster here (Version 1.14.2) I have installed the following:

  • The Grafana Helm Chart (from here)
  • The Grafana App For Kubernetes (the Grafana Kubernetes Plugin) (from here)

Using the Grafana Kubernetes Plugin I did “Add a new cluster”. I filled in certificate details as they were provided by the Kube Config file. I saved and the Kubernetes Plugin created also automatically a Grafana Data Source.

In the Grafana “Data Sources” section I did “Save & Test” for the automatically created Data Source. It shows “Data source is working”.

In Grafana I went into the automatically created “Cluster Dashboard” and none of the Graphs is working. There is a read “!” at the corner of each graph and on hovering it reads “Datasource named was not found”. That is the problem I have.

“kubectl logs grafana-7d56d6ff84-4sqlc” Shows no errors.

I appreciate any help!