Insert values from a SELECT query result inside a select with custom options form

Hi all, i’m on Grafana v10.2.0 with the data manipulation plugin made by Volkovlabs @mikhailvolkov .

I’m trying to insert the results from a query inside a form that have a cell with a “select with custom options”.
I would like to figure out how to avoid entering all the acronyms of the provinces by hand since there are hundreds of them.

the values (prov) and keys (common) that I would like to import are those extracted from this query

thanks in advance!

hi guys, have you ani solutions?

Can’t you use a variable to get all the acronyms?

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select prov as __value, comune as __text from prov_comune_table

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where should I enter this query?

Well is that prov comune data saved in a database? Or is it in csv or excel file

yes it is saved into a mysql db

Check this to find where to put it

I know how to use $_variables on grafana, but, do you think we can add the variable somewhere in the data manipulation plugin? if so where?

this documentation doesn’t treat this plugin

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then this might help

@yosiasz @mikhailvolkov i’m trying to do my best following the guide but in this plugin there aren’t some options like this.
This is my plugin:

this is the guide plugin:

there isn’t the options source option in my plugin, but it’s the same

@nicolomenelle What is the version of the plugin you are using?

It should be one of the latest

@mikhailvolkov this is my current version of the plugin

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i solved it, @mikhailvolkov @yosiasz thank you so much for the help :partying_face:, always very gently. this community is great!

with the new plugin 3.7: