Inquiry Regarding Grafana Configuration and Json API dynamic OpenSearch Integration

Inquiry Regarding Grafana Configuration and OpenSearch Integration

  1. Software and System Specifications:
  • Please specify the version of Grafana currently employed. Response: We are utilizing Grafana version 10.2.3.
  • Additionally, could you indicate the operating system upon which Grafana has been deployed?
  1. Objective Description:
  • Kindly elucidate the primary objectives you are pursuing with Grafana. Response: Our intent revolves around the integration of the output from an OpenSearch-based index, derived via an API, into a pre-existing Grafana dashboard.
  1. Implementation Strategy:
  • Outline the strategies or methodologies adopted to accomplish the aforementioned objective. Response: We have initiated an OpenSearch index creation, subsequently establishing a new data source connection within Grafana, and have successfully facilitated this connection.
  1. Encountered Challenges and Observations:
  • Detail any challenges or observations experienced throughout the integration process. Response: While we have achieved success in retrieving data from one OpenSearch index, characterized by static data arrays for individual users, challenges arose when accessing data from another index. This latter index presents dynamic data sourced via a live API call, featuring distinct arrays for each user.
  1. Expectations and Queries:
  • Specify your anticipations regarding Grafana’s integration capabilities with live data sources. Query: We are keen to understand the methodologies enabling Grafana dashboards to seamlessly integrate with dynamic data sources. Additionally, we seek insights into whether Grafana supports specific data formats for API-sourced data. For contextual reference, we have appended both the data file and its corresponding format.
  • Could you share any specific configurations or elements you find challenging?
  1. Error Analysis:
  • Were there any anomalies or error messages discerned within the Grafana user interface or associated logs? Response: While no explicit error messages were visible, challenges were encountered during data r

    etrieval, particularly when applying name-based filters during the data transformation phase in dashboard panel configuration.
  1. Reference to External Guidelines: