Inner join two database grafana

I want to make an inner join of 2 tables, but one is in x database and the other in Y database, that is, they are 2 different databases, in sql I solve it easily as follows:

SELECT * FROM aoidata.produccion as aoi
INNER JOIN smtdatabase.orden_trabajo as smt
ON aoi.op=smt.op

How do I do this query in grafana? if you only let me select only 1 data sourc

Are you saying that you have connected to a SQL database through grafana, but you can only query on of those? If so, you can add a second datasource of the same kind (say, MySQL) and then add two queries to the panel. After that, you could try merging the two tables using a transformation like the merge transform.

But maybe I misunderstand?

I would also search this forum for similar questions: