Inner Join of Two Tables From Different Connections

Hi guys, I have two connections and I need to use one of the tables from each connection.
Then in my dashboard, I’m doing 2 queries for these tables. And I’m using Mixed.

It outputs 2 tables, first table contains 3 columns:

second table contains:

Now what i need is to inner join these two tables based on ‘pk_Key’ and ‘pk_fk_Id’.
Basically replace the pk_fk_Id with the corresponding Name.
The expect output should look like:

where we have timestamp, Names and their values.
(it’s a database for instruments logging)

I’m new to Grafana, I’ve tried transformation (Join by field (inner)), but didn’t work as expected, it didn’t let me select each column from each table…Thanks in advance!!!

Welcome @michael19960621

Are these connections to two separate servers

Half, I’m testing this on my local computer, both connections are local SQLite .db3 files.