InfluxDB query for Boolean Tag

Dear team:

I want to test one use case which is explain here:

I have three bool vriables and wanted to fetch them from InfluxQL time series database.
I want to fetch all three data from measurement and display on dashboard like if one of the data is TRUE then display 1 on dashboard otherwise display FALSE on dashboard.

My query is below :
SELECT last(“value”) FROM “database” WHERE (“tag” = ‘PC_1’ OR “tag”= ‘PC_2’ OR “tag” = ‘PC_3’) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY “tag”::tag ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 1

My questions are :

  1. does this possible to perform using InfluxQL language in grafana?
  2. can we perform “if” and 'else" conditions in query?
  3. to achieve my solution is there any workaround?

I tried with multiple way but its nor working please help.


~ the grafana team

Please do reply as i’m stuck with this issue.