InfluxDB field value is not showing

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I’m new to Grafana, here I am using InfluxDB as data source, and the measurement has couple of columns with field name, here I need plot the graph exact value in the column, but unfortunately I’m facing difficulties to plot the exact value. When I use the ‘select’ option and field value nothing is showing but when I choose aggregation and select mean I can see the graph why is it so? Please see the screenshots

I am by no means an Influx expert, but acc. to this

A query requires at least one field key in the SELECT clause to return data. If the SELECT clause only includes a single tag key or several tag keys, the query returns an empty response. This behavior is a result of how the system stores data.

Thank you for helping me, So what is the option to plot the live data, choose the “last” from “Selectors” in SELECT?

In addition how to make it 1s of refresh to doashboard?, I tried many ways to do it, but couldn’t succeed.?

You should not need to use a selector or an aggregator. Can you share the actual error you get with your first attempt? (I.e. by hovering over the red exclamation mark in the top left)

It’s outside of your first screenshot, but I suspect you have a “GROUP BY” clause set. If you want to just query raw values you’ll need to remove the GROUP BY, otherwise you’ll get an error.

As for the dashboard refresh, there are a few other threads on the forum that cover this - maybe look around and see if any of them answer your question. Anyway, one thing at a time :slight_smile:

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