Infinity plugin - Unable to create graph from JSON values


I used the Infinity plugin to make a call to REST API.
The following is the JSON response with timestamp (epoch) and values.


I am unable to get the values from both the fields.
Here is how I am trying to access,

Thank you in advance.


I call @yesoreyeram who worked on the plugin to help, my first guess is that your json is not well formated, can you try with only one value.

Check this out might help :

Hope it helps.

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@wlargou: Thank you for your suggestion.

If I change to format from Time Series to table, I got below response.

All the values are displayed in single line, instead of different rows.
Also, the values are not getting displayed in Time Series format.


Make sense, you should have your data structure in JSON as timestamp/value pairs, currently you have all timestamps as an entry and all values at entry.

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As @wlargou mentioned, Your json needs to be array of elements something like this

  { "timestamp" : 12345, "value" : 0.1 },
  { "timestamp" : 12346, "value" : 0.2 }

@vkamath - Unfortunately, current version of plugin doesn’t support the format you have now. May be will see if I can fix this in future versions. Thanks for testing the plugin.

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Thank you @wlargou and @yesoreyeram for all the help.

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