Incorrect decimal point position

Hello There, i have a problem with my decimal point position.

I want to display my longitude and latitude on the world map

My Data which i am receiving from a IoT Device is given out in this format:
Longitude = -89803215329497 and Latitude = 13622170317213

I need that data in the format of:
Longitude = -89,8… and Latitude = 136,2…

Is there any way i can change the decimal point of my table or instruct grafana to set the longi- and latitude so that it generates a point after the first two numbers.

Greetings :slight_smile:

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @ludwigsiebzehnruebl

First, I would make sure that you are using the new Geomap panel, and not the Worldmap panel, which is deprecated. If you’re not using Grafana 8.3 and the Geomap, then I would advise upgrading.

I don’t see any standard option in the unit picker in the panel editor to choose Geographic data formatting. You could try and solve this on the Influx side (probably ideal) or fiddle with the data using Grafana transformations, which allow certain SQL-like operations. not quite sure–hopefully others have advice :+1:

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Hi there Matt, sorry for the late reply, i could fix the issue with the config of my lambda function which pushed the data to my telegraf. Still thank you very much for the tip.

Greetings and have a nice week

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