Incompability between grafana-agent-operator and loki helm charts over podLogs api version

Hi there,

loki chart: 5.5.0
grafana-agent-operator chart: 0.2.15 (but I tried older versions too)

I want to activate the self-monitoring feature in the helm chart of loki to get the prometheus dashboards, it requires to install grafana-agent-operator, so I’ve installed it.

The problem I’m facing is grafana-agent-operator installs the CRD for kind podLogs where loki expects to have .

Error: Failed to render chart: exit status 1: Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: resource mapping not found for name: “loki” namespace: “” from “”: no matches for kind “PodLogs” in version “

I’m confused because based on my finding in the CRDs stored in github, grafana-agent-operator should install .

I did not find a parameter in the charts to change the api version of podLogs.
I’ve tried to install various version of the agent but no luck.

Thanks for helping me on this.


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