Import Dashboard via URL (also from Grafana)

I want to add my old Grafana dashboard ( Grafana ( in order to set an alarm, but I don’t manage…
Can anyone please help me? :slight_smile:

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Hi Ben,

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Can you please explain a bit more in detail for e.g.

Do you want to update your currently older Grafana version to the newest one while keeping all the Dashboards and Panels?


Do you only want a specific old Dashboard and use it on another server where the newer version of Grafana is running?


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@usmanahmad, many thanks for your reply. I’ll be a bit more specific now :slight_smile: :
I bought a sensor a few months ago. It is registered over “”. They use Grafana - that’s the reason I discovered it - to show the values that are measured with the sensors additionally to the map: Map Sensor.Community

My personal data dashboard link is: Grafana (

I wanted to add an alert to this dashboard, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have an account yet. After I created an account on the homepage, I tried to add the other dashboards to my personal account, in order to be able to add the alerts.
The problem is:

  • I tried to add the dashboard, but it didn’t work, because it “wasn’t a Grafana-link”

I’d be very happy if anyone could help me how to import…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details.

So from what I understand, what you are looking for is “How to Import Dashboard into Grafana”.

This is actually very easy. What you need is the JSON file of the Dashboard you want to add (Import) into Grafana.

For e.g.

We have this page where many pre-configured Dashboards are available and lets suppose that I have a Datasource already configured for a sensor and I only to add its Dashboard so I search for it “sensor

Then I click it and on the right side see its JSON ID = 5053

I copy this ID and go back to my Grafana server UI and go into Dashboard and select “Import Dashboard” → Import using JSON id and type 5053 and click save.

Then it will get imported.

The other way if you do not have the JSON ID then you can copy n paste the JSON data itself as explained in this video (The video uses a bit older version of Grafana but the concept of importing the JSON data is same).

Let us know if this helps.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Somehow I cannot add the data resource. It says that it is required but it also says that there are “no datasources” found:

I see.

Ok please use the drop-down list to see if your datasource (which you had configured for the sensor) is listed there.

If not or you do not know the name of it then simply go back to its Dashboard → select one of the panels → edit → scroll down where the query is defined. There, you will find the name of the datasource that it is using.

Note down its name and then use it.