Image Rendering Configuration

Hello, I’ve got Grafana performing image rendering for external storage. I was wondering if there was a way to remove the panel title from the image rendered? Example: using the hostname of a server or a metric which you display on an authenticated panel might introduce a certain amount of risk to an organization; however, if you just showed the metrics on the panel and allowed Grafana to do the heavy lifting on describing the alert, teams/slack/etc… you might alleviate that risk.

Hi @billabongrob,

Can I ask for some clarification here? Could you take a screenshot of a generic panel/image and then demonstrate what you’d like to change about it?

Sure, so I covered up the hostname here. I understand we could just “not include” the hostname; however, we would like to make this more of a safe guard against our users not including, for example, domain names or hostnames, in the titles as that would be more important in the body or summary of the alert. Plus, we dump to s3/az files which has to be wide open for things to work as expected, so trying to exfiltrate as little identifiable data as possible.

Hi @billabongrob,

To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to configure image-rendering so as to hide sensitive data. Maybe this is something worth making a feature request in the repo?