Iframe to external page not working - anon access on and cookie_samesite to none

Hello all,

I am struggeling to get external iframes to work. To ensure that it is not my website causes issues, I also implemented the demo iframe graph from https://grafana.com/docs/reference/sharing/ below it and that one works. However exporting a graph from my own dashboard does not.

So I have enabled anonymous access where I pointed the organisation to the right name as well, created a user named “Anonymous” with Viewer rights. I confirmed that the settings were active in the admin/settings screen.That did not seem to do anything.

I then enabled cookie_samesite = none , which I also checked if it was active. Yet I still can’ t get the iframe to load on the my webpage.

Grafana 6.2.5 is running on a Digitalocean Droplet with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The website is hosted on a completely different server.

I have one organisation and one dashboard at the moment. The organisation has an ‘Admin’ , another admin account which I use for myself, and the Anonymous account with viewer.

What can be going wrong here??

Anyone who might be able to distill what is going on here? I really want to get this to work :(.

I am having the same issues and I can’t seem to get it resolved. Did you wander upon a solution?

I am having the same issue.
Works like a charm in other computers on the same network,
But ir’s a dead end when invoking from an host outside of the network, and still,
one can call the same url into a new tab.
The issue seems to lie specifically on embedding it.