Another IFrame Embedding not working

Dear Viewer,
I realize this question gets asked a lot. I have spent hours googling, reading various posts on this etc.

I am operating within my own local domain. I want to be able to embed Grafana graphs inside applications that I develop inside our own domain/firewall. We want to be able to embed various graphs in various web apps without any Grafana login / credentials. We just want it to work as simply as possible.

I have made the following edits to grafana.ini
enabled = true
org_name = Our Org Name (Changed to match in UI also)
org_role = Viewer
hide_version = true

allow_embedding = true

In my html, I added the following header directive

However, when I load my web application, the Grafana IFrame does not work. See attached image. Just for testing, you can see the non working Grafana IFrame on top. There is a youtube IFrame underneath which works perfectly. If that can work from an outside resource, surely Grafana should be able to work also?

Can anyone help me?

If you hold the mouse over this:

does it give you the ability to right click on a link, and then (in another tab), click OK past the security warnings?

Many thanks for the reply and sorry its been so long, I was away. I’ll try that over the coming days although I doubt it as I tried all sorts including that I think before posting.