I want to create variables in Grafana that generate the graph by creating flux query of InfluxDB 2.0

Hi Team, I am new in Grafana, and I have integrated Grafana 6.5 with Influx DB 2.0 by installing plugins of influxdb 2.0 beta version. As it supports only flux query and want to create a User-friendly dashboard for this I want to create 4-5 variables and that has to link with the dashboard. When I select value for dropdownlist new flux query has to generate internally and hit the InfluxDB in return I need to generate line graph. Please help me here.


Your question includes a lot of different problems:

  1. How to create query variables
  2. How to create line graphs
  3. How to use variables in your graph query

For (1) and (3) - please see manual: https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/variables/templates-and-variables/

Please note that in Grafana 6.5 I have been able to create query variables (ie. the content of the variable is dynamically updated from a Flux query), in Grafana 7.1 Flux Query Variables don’t seem to work.

For (2) - please see manual: https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/panels/visualizations/graph-panel/

If you need more specific support, please ask more specific questions and show us how far you’ve gotten.