I need general help with grafana

can someone help me with either how to handle grafana, or give me a link to a tutorial that still holds true with the current grafana.
gone through plenty of tutorials but most if not all, are dated, not done correctly (as in downloaded illegally) or not working.


  1. do you have latest free grafana version?
  2. What data source do you have
  3. What type of graph do you want to plot


You can try this link https://play.grafana.org/

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mostly just trying to get the embed to work. i’ve watched a bit on youtube that i need to go into some files and change the “allow_embedding” to true, which i’ve done yet it still won’t work

Are you embedding a Grafana panel as an iFrame into another web application? Please share more of what you have tried and what you want it to look like.

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