I can't set dual y-axis

I use grafana 8.1.2 on windows;
I plot two lines(A and B) on one panel and I want to set line A’s y axis on left and B’s on right; I set as below, but not work.

Hi @south_wind

Can you share your query screen? You should have A and B as separate queries.

Hi @grant2
The queries are as below:

my Query Language:

Thank you for your reply.

If you change the override to “Fields Returned by Query” and then select B, does that help?

I have tried and this doesn’t work;
If I set A to be ‘left’, then both A and B are ‘left’;
If I set A to be ‘right’, then both A and B are ‘right.’

Only thing that I can think of is that your version of Grafana has some bug in it. Can you upgrade to the latest version?

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Thank you @grant2
I have upgrade into the latest version and now I can set dual y axis.

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