HTTP API to save Grafana configuration

I’m using the HTTP API to save the Grafana configuration. Corresponding json files can be used e.g to setup a fresh installation. I’m wondering if the HTTP API is really designed for that purpose.

My plan is to create different teams having different home dashboards. Regarding the team preferences the following is stored when using the HTTP API:

  "theme": "",
  "homeDashboardId": 0,
  "timezone": ""

The dashboard id can change and therefore it is not really good to use. That’s the reason why I already change it to zero when I store a dashboard configuration. For me it would be beneficial to use the dashboard name. The id (and also the uid: if I push a dashboard configuration the uid is newly created if I remember correctly which will not work for me) I will have to retrieve from a dashboard that already has been pushed to apply the team preferences. Is there another way to store the Grafana configuration or is the HTTP API the right method?