HTML/Markdown/MJML in Notification templates - 9.5.1


I am trying to create some custom email notification templates in Grafana 9.5.1 and would like to use HTML or Markdown to format my message similar to the default email alerts. Currently all I seem to be able to do in a template is plain text?

I cant see anything in the docs about how to do simple formatting such as lager font, bold text, hyperlinks or lists. It seems that grafana uses MJML to render the default template that has a lot of useful features. Is it possible for me to use that when creating a template?




it is possible to change the HTML using this file

Open it in a browser to see how it looks like, and modify it to your needs.

*Don’t mess with the Go template expressions, change just the HTML.

I don’t recommend this as it can be overwritten when upgrading Grafana to newer versions. We’re thinking about how to offer a better customization experience for emails, but just so you know editing MJML templates is unsupported and might break in future.

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We are maintaining our own docker image of customisations similar to this and porting them when upgrading.

We are using Grafana to visualise LoRaWAN IoT sensor data and also alert when sensors are in an out of bounds state such as a high temperature. The alerting emails go to customers so they need to show the relevant data and be clear and uncluttered.

What would be great is if notification templates support markdown so we can do simple formatting and links in emails.