How to zoom in kiosk mode without backing out to tv mode?

Our application has multiple Grafana panels embedded using iframes with the &kiosk parameter. But when zooming it backs out of kiosk mode and into tv mode, revealing the top navigation bar. Is there a way to disable this through Grafana configuration?

We could implement a hacky workaround by accessing the iframe’s document and editing the content to make sure the nav stays hidden (we’re using a reverse proxy for both the web app and Grafana so we can access the iframe’s document with no issues). We already did something like this to disable the Escape key backing out of kiosk mode by attaching a keydown event listener to the iframe. But it would be great if there’s a less hacky way to fix the zooming issue so we don’t have to resort to disabling zooming all together or injecting some CSS to hide the menu.

Anyone have better ideas or an official solution to this?

Turns out using d-solo fixes this. The nav bar no longer appears when zooming.