How to visualize code-coverage metrics

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using? Running v8.0.1 on linux

  • What are you trying to achieve?
    We are receiving metrics from SonarQube and I wish to display “worst X projects” code-coverage. Code coverage is represented as percentage of lines covered, and 100.0 is best, while zero is worst. Promql is “topk(10, min_over_time(sonarqube_coverage[${__range_s}s]))”

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

  • What happened?
    Result is giving me values around 96.0 - 100.0

  • What did you expect to happen?

  • Can you copy/paste the configuration(s) that you are having problems with?

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welcome to the :grafana: forum, @jaff

sorry, but not sure exactly what the problem is here. Maybe you can share a screenshot or a sample of your data? It sounds like your getting data into the panel and now you want to visualize it, yes?

A single query to our sonarqube server produced 155 rows, of which this is a sample:

sonarqube_coverage{key="devicebindingservice",name="DBS",} 60.8
sonarqube_coverage{key="drm-ppv-cooker",name="drm-ppv-cooker",} 86.5
sonarqube_coverage{key="drm-ppv-prov",name="drm-ppv-prov",} 89.1
sonarqube_coverage{key="drm-vod-cooker_master",name="drm-vod-cooker",} 22.2
sonarqube_coverage{key="drm-vod-prov_master",name="drm-vod-prov",} 81.0
sonarqube_coverage{key="drmAccountAndDevicesCooker",name="drm-accountanddevices-cooker",} 76.0
sonarqube_coverage{key="drmAccountAndDevicesProv",name="drm-accountanddevices-prov",} 84.1
sonarqube_coverage{key="drmAuditAndSync",name="drm-audit-and-sync",} 86.0
sonarqube_coverage{key="drmConfiguration",name="drm-configuration",} 87.2
sonarqube_coverage{key="drmHouseKeeper",name="drm-house-keeper",} 64.0
sonarqube_coverage{key="drmLinearCooker",name="drm-linear-cooker",} 88.6
sonarqube_coverage{key="drmLinearProv",name="drm-linear-prov",} 84.1
sonarqube_coverage{key="excitement-rating-api_master",name="excitement-rating-api_master",} 59.2
sonarqube_coverage{key="feaccountstreamprocessor",name="feaccountstreamprocessor-container",} 41.7
sonarqube_coverage{key="fedevicestreamprocessor",name="fedevicestreamprocessor-container",} 38.0
sonarqube_coverage{key="hideItem",name="hideitem-service",} 68.8
sonarqube_coverage{key="idserver-dynamo",name="idserver-dynamo",} 54.1
sonarqube_coverage{key="idserver-local",name="idserver-local",} 46.1

Here’s a metrics query for the panel, and attached screen-shot for that query:

topk(5, min_over_time(sonarqube_coverage[${__range_s}s]))

I did not see any issues in the logs. I did discover that I’ve been using the wrong query; I should have been seeking bottomk(5, sort(min_over_time(sonarqube_coverage[${__range_s}s])))
However, when rendering the results, I do NOT see sort of values, rather they’re sorted by labels.

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