How to visualize a value as text

With what visualisation and how do I visualize a boolean value as text?

for example : a “true” value should become “valve on”, a “false” value should become “valve off”.

I already know that I can use value mappings for this, but what kind of visualisation do I use?

At first I though I could use a stat, but it says “no data”. When I try a “table” visualization I see a “true” value visualized as “oven on”. So in this visualization it seems to work.

This is my KQL code :

| where Id == '$Lijst_ovens'
| where $__timeFilter(SourceTimeStamp) 
| where Key == ''
| project SourceTimeStamp, Id, not(value=tobool(Value))
| top 1 by SourceTimeStamp

Or maybe an “icon” visualization.

You may try

thanx for the tip, unfortunatly I do not have administrator rights on my Grafana deployment, so I cannot install any new plugins…

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