How to use URL variable as dashboard Title

So I have a dashboard A which links to dashboard B and pass variable $parentName in URL.
$parentName is also defined as a variable in dashboard B, I’m using it in a WHERE clause of a query.

I also want to use $parentName as the title of dashboard B. How can I accomplish this, I’ve already tried:
[[var-parentApp]] $var-parentApp [[parentApp]] $parentApp and neither worked.


variables cannot be used in the dashboard title as dashboard titles are unique (in the folder)

What I want basically is a dashboard A displaying parent nodes with a drill down to dashboard B which displays details of subnodes.
I wanted to have dashboard B to display the parent node name so that the user knows to which parent node the subnodes belong.

Is there any way to achieve this? Or a workaround?

The variables at the top show their current value is that not enough?

Well doesn’t look as nice as the title and also It gives the user the ability to change it but there’s only one value so it’s actually kind of weird.
If you open the dropdown the value unselects itself and thus variable becomes empty and graphs display as N/A%

I think you should separate Dashboard name and Dashboard title to support this functionality.
Dashboard name must be unique and would be used as an identifier but Dashboard title not and thus provides more flexibility to end users.

I need to use this variable in QUERY. kindly suggest?