How to use the 3D globe plugin?

Hi all, anybody has experience using CZML server for database for the 3D globe plugin?

Possible to share some light on how to use it / example?

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I have only tested it when reviewing the plugin and one feedback I gave was the lack of instructions about getting started with CZMLā€¦

From my limited experience, this is what I did to get some sample data working:

There is an oldish docker container which might work (but I havenā€™t tested it myself):

With the sample data:

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Hi Daniel,

thanks for the insight!

One more questionā€¦

Do you know how change the type of ā€˜openstreetmapā€™ for worldmap panel? basically I am looking at the possibility to change the type of map to the the colorful version of openstreetmapā€¦

It is not currently possible without changing the code (I originally had 5 different map types but as Worldmap was build for the worldPing app we decided to have one dark and one light map to match the Grafana themes). It would be easy to add a configuration option - I just havenā€™t had time.

Hi Daniel, I seeā€¦ much noted.

Looking forward to the new would be added configuration then :slight_smile: