How to use regex for time filter for specific time range every day

I want to montior every day 21:00 to next day 05:00 but it not possible to this with influxdb 1.8
Is it possible to use regex on timefilter replace hours value to that I want ?

@volbulbul the dashboard time range is set using the time controls. For influxDB the $timeFilter global variable is used to represent the dashboard time range.

Can you share more about where you want to monitor? Is this an alert or a dashboard?

If it’s a dashboard, you can create a URL that has the time range specified in the URL:

I am monitoring water consumptions and normally there shouldnt be be consumption at 21:00 to 05:00. If consuptions happens,I want to be alerted. I didnt achive it with ordinary Influxdb queries, Can I do it with help of Grafana ?

@volbulbul there isn’t currently an easy way to do this, but I found this PR for our legacy alerting system that looks like what you’re looking for. I encourage you to contribute to the discussion.

I shared this PR with our alerting developers that are working on our new alerting framework.

I noticed this issue as well, asking for something similar for a dashboard time range: