How to use a variable in a query, to create an interactive dashboard?

Currently trying to do an interactive dashboard where the user can type in an IP address, and then it will list all pods associated with that IP address.

A hardcoded query that WORKS is kube_pod_info{host_ip=""} with legend as {{pod_name}}. But when I create a variable (such as a text variable) called pod_host_ip, with a default value of, and I use a query such as kube_pod_info{host_ip=${pod_host_ip}}, it no longer works. Any ideas for me?

Note that this is using prometheus.

I figured out this question. When I make it a text variable, and use the following as the query (note the quotes, etc.), it DID work!


Note that as an ad-hoc filter variable, which I also tried, it didn’t work.