How to uninstall K6 browser

When I try to run the installer xk6-browser-v0.5.0-windows-amd64.msi that I downloaded on my Windows 10. Getting the below message.

“A later version of k6-browser is already installed. Setup will now exit”.

How to uninstall the installed k6-browser and install it again from the .msi file.

Hi @vishvambruth.javagal,

You can uninstall the previous version of xk6-browser (which was installed via the msi package) by following the steps below (these steps were copied from Microsoft’s Windows support page):

  • Select Start , then select Settings > Apps > Apps & features.
  • Select the app you want to remove, and then select Uninstall.


Hi @ankur, I have installed xk6-browser using the below command previously (not via the via the msi package). Now while trying to install the xk6-browser via .msi package.

# Install xk6

go install

# Build the xk6-browser binary

xk6 build --output xk6-browser --with GitHub - grafana/xk6-browser: k6 extension that adds support for browser automation and end-to-end web testing via the Chrome Devtools Protocol

Hi @ankur

I was unable to update my k6 binary using go command.
PS C:\Windows\System32> k6 version
k6 v0.43.1 ((devel), go1.20.5, windows/amd64)
GitHub - grafana/xk6-dashboard: A k6 extension that enables creating web based metrics dashboard for k6 v0.4.3, dashboard [output]

Hi @carlo,

You can’t update the k6 binary with a go command, although i’m curious what command you were running and what you were expecting?

How did you install k6 in the first place?

You can find the docs on how to install k6 here: Installation


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