How to show time of min (or max) value?


Data source: InfluxDB.
Panel type: Single stat

I want to display formatted timestamp of the minimum (and also of the maximum) value in a range. I know Grafana can query the minimum and maximum values. Also the timestamp of the last measurement, everything configurable from SingleStat->Options->Stat. Having an option “Time of minimum value” and “Time of maximum value” would be great but since it’s not available I’d like to know about any possible workaround.

Thanks for your time!


On a single stat with PRTG i can display this information, but i 'm not really sure if it’s your demand :

Thanks @viapass but I want to display the date/time of the minimum value in a series, not the value itself.

I think it’s not possible on single stats. but Sure for a Table or Graph !

Yes it’s possible :smiley:

I finally found the solution. First edit the query in raw mode:

SELECT min(“co2”) FROM “network” WHERE (“address” = ‘5ECF7F201B15’) AND $timeFilter

min() and max() do the trick whilst leaving SingleStat->Options->Stat free for later use

Then set SingleStat->Options->Stat to “Time of last point” and format the timestamp from SingleStat->Options->Unit


I will certainly keep this combination near for the rest of my projects. Thanks to the Grafana team for this great tool!

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thanks for the trick !
you work for the CNRS ? :slight_smile:

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