How to show current dashboard timezone in the panel of the dashboard?

Representing time zone of target window in panel.

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Hi I want Display selected timezone in dashboard in first panel as below screenshot,

And alo if user changed the timezone then changed timezone should automatically reflect in panel of that dash board.

Thanks for info.

I think the easiest way is to use the Clock Panel.

Checking its option it do says that;

  • Timezone:This timezones are supplied by the moment timezone library. Timezone can be set or left to default. Default is moment’s guess (whatever that is on your computer). Timezone is also used to calculate countdown deadline in countdown mode.
  • Locale:Locales for date-formatting are supplied by the moment library. The locale can be set or left to default. Default is moment’s guess.

I hope this helps.

Hi Clock is not work out for my case. clock will work based on browser timezone. But my requirement is in the dashboard clock filter if change the timeZone of a dashboard to see the the results in the dashboard then that changed time zone should be visible in first panel of the dashboard after refreshing.

For example intially dashboard timezone set as EST and save the dashboard.Then dashboard reloaded and then at the clock filter it shows the EST time Zone and that EST time zone should display in one panel of the dashboard .Means dynamically timezone value should reflect in dashbaord first/any panel.

If Changed the timezone from clockfilter of the dashboard then the changed timezone should display dynamically in one panel of the same dashboard

Thanks for the detailed reply.

To what we have in the OSS version of Grafana is that you can setup what we call it ( Grafana internal metrics) which can give you the metrics defined in the documentation.

Though, I am not sure (as could not found it) if free version provide metrics to monitor the dashboard changes.

However, there is a plugin available in the Grafana Enterprise version which is known as (Grafana Enterprise Metrics) which is described here in the docs and on this page, check the release notes (which do show that it has the capability to monitor dashboard changes.

@lavanyakuppireddy What you are asking is to display the value for Panel options, which I don’t know if any existing panels can display for you.

    /** Time range of the current dashboard */
    timeRange: TimeRange;
    /** Time zone of the current dashboard */
    timeZone: TimeZone;

We can add it to the Dynamic Text panel, which can be an excellent feature to have.

@lavanyakuppireddy Will be a part of the upcoming Dynamic Text panel 3.1.0 if it’s what you are looking for: JavaScript Code | Volkov Labs