How to set value for a select dropdown or radio button in a script using k6 browser

I’m trying to target a select dropdown and am getting an error when running the script:

page.locator(‘select[name=“ctl00$attendeeContent$amstate”]’).selectOption({value: ‘CA’});

The example code sets fields just fine but I don’t see an example for select dropdowns.
The selectOption is how it’s done in Playwright but I’m assuming that some Playwright things might not be supported fully in k6 browser.

I also seem to run into an issue with radio boxes using the .click() method like so:

These seemed to work

Select Dropdown:
const selectLocator = page.locator(‘select[name=“ctl00$attendeeContent$amstate”]’);
await selectLocator.selectOption(‘CA’);

Radio Button:
await page.locator(‘input[id=“attendeeContent_UDF1_0”]’).click({ force: true });