How to set up permission in my case?


  • My organizational structure
    • My company has multiple departments, each department has multiple projects, and each project has multiple developers.
    • A developer can belong to one or more project.
  • Datasource is from influxDB and origin Prometheus.
  • The grafana dashboard is the same
  • requirement
    • A developers only see dashboards that belong to their own projects, which contain monitoring data of their own project’s servers and Applications.
  • Now implementation
  1. Create organizations one-to-one correspondence with projects.
  2. add a label named project on source data, for example set up project=“project_1”.
  3. Identify and filter project by variable in grafana dashboard. in other words, the dashboard displays only projects labeled project=“project_1”
  4. Don’t allow developer modify dashboards. (since the data source is from the same influxDB, so if allow modify dashboard, it’s easy to see all the project data)
  • Problem
    • I need to constantly import dashboards, and then, change the variable of the dashboard. Such as project=“project_1”, project=“project_2”.etc. In fact, the rest of the dashboard is the same.