How to set up annotations in Grafana with Google Calendar events

I want to automatically add annotations into a Grafana graph. My event data source can be a Google Sheet or a Google Calendar. I am trying Grafana’s Google Calendar plugin (, but to do this it seem that I have to set up a Grafana cloud account and create an Authorized Domain for OAuth 2.0 under the Google Developer Console. Google is asking me to:

  1. have a url for a privacy policy that clearly describes the way my application accesses, uses, stores, or shares Google user data.
  2. verify my DNS by copying a string of text into the DNS configuration for my domain (which is [my grafana cloud username]
  3. make sure the Google sign-in button on my project’s homepage follows the Google sign-in branding guidelines

How can I do all of these things to use the GCal Grafana plugin?