How to set a color variation for each query in Gauge Chart

I am on process to create gauge chart with 6 char in 1 dashboard. Is there any method to give each of them a variation of color? I try use value mapping but it seems not quite correct.

Or could I give a variation for field/series name instead of gauge color?
I want to set
‘Rerata Usia Uneducated Wanita’
‘Rerata Usia Uneducated Pria’
‘Rerata Usia Unknown Wanita’
‘Rerata Usia Unknown Pria’
‘Rerata Usia High School Wanita’
‘Rerata Usia High School Pria’

This my chart currently looks like.

Poease show us your value mappings?

This is my mapping and query below:

I felt doing some parts quite incorrect for this matter.

Thanks for the helps!

You have one query per education level? Why is that? That approach is not scalable, what if you have 100 levels?

So I try to show the average age for attrited customer of female and male that separated into 7 educational level.

Total attrited customer which consist of all gender is around 1600 persons.

So you saying my approach is note quite correct?
if so I will look another option.

You might want to just have 1 query and more items in your group by

Okay, I will try that!

But still, how is the method to change color in gauge chart? Value mapping, yes?

Hi @nirbitolagang

You can do it via Value mapping and there select the Range option if you have a particular range e.g. 0-25 is always Green, while 26-50 is Orange etc.

I see from your previous screenshot that you also tried to use Regex. Please note that you will need a value regular expression to match your string and the best place to try it out is on regex101 website.

Otherway is to use Threshold as well but will only apply to values.