How to send values in Grafana unified alerts

I have created an Alert for Loki in which i am trying to send the value in description like below

Hi there was an issue in {{ $err_name }}.Pls check it soon

I am receiving the alert as follows


 - alertname = RFC Graph
 - severtiy = critical
 - team = backend
 - description = Hi there was an issue in ${err_name}.Pls check it soon
Source: http://localhost:3000/alerting/VE5UT8G7z/edit
Silence: http://localhost:3000/alerting/silence/new?alertmanager=grafana&matchers=alertname%3DRFC+Graph%2Csevertiy%3Dcritical%2Cteam%3Dbackend

I would like to know whether we can pass the labels which we receive from the query in the alerts.

You should using “Multi dimensional rule” from Create Grafana managed alert rule | Grafana Labs

Hi, i have updated the rule to a multidimensional rule but still, i am not getting the value which is given in {{ $err_name }}.
Pls check the following issue - Using {{ $value }} doesn’t return value

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