How to scale the k6 controller manager which runs in our cluster since plan to run k6 tests concurrently

Hi Team,

We are using k6-operator for distributed load test. We are planning to run multiple tests concurrently, so please suggest me how to scale the existing k6-operator controller manager to support multiple tests in a cluster

Hi @prmmuthu

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If this is a question regarding if this is possible, for OSS without cloud output it is since v0.0.9:

There has been some interesting discussion in Support for multiple simultaneous tests · Issue #126 · grafana/k6-operator · GitHub and we are currently working on: Make the operator idempotent: resilient to state changes · Issue #138 · grafana/k6-operator · GitHub

I’m not sure though if the question is about how this is possible, or how to better design your platform for concurrency. That might require more context on your current Kubernetes environment.

I hope this helps.


Hi @eyeveebe ,

Thanks for your reply, i knew nowadays k6-operator allows concurrent test executions.But my question is a single k6-operator-controller-manager is quite enough to handle multiple tests which run concurrently or is there any way to scale the no of pods for controller manager…

Hi @prmmuthu,

AFAIK, one replica of k6-controller was sufficient in basically all cases it was used. What it does is rather simple, there is no intensive computations done on any particular test so it shouldn’t require concurrency and one replica should be enough. This might change in the future but at the moment it is generally expected to be sufficient.
Probably the worst delay I can imagine now is if you’re running tests with hundreds of pods, and depending on how they are started, service checks might need to be re-run a few times per test…

Have you encountered an issue with using one replica? How many tests and with how many runners are you running? I’d suggest to just try with one replica of the operator first. If there are observable issues with one replica, I’d appreciate it if you share them with us :slightly_smiling_face: