Autoscale feature on k6-operator

Hi, is k6-operator support on autoscale the number of pods or nodes needed during load test execution?
e.g: we set the parallelism 5, but at the execution run time all the pods or nodes CPU or memory capacity reaches 100%, is the k6-operator have a feature to add more pods or nodes automatically?

thank you

Hi @adityaridha,

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No, k6-operator does not support such scaling. If the test is heavy (gets 100% of cpu / memory), you’ll need to re-configure your infra or number of pods to match the demand and restart it.

If you have a more precise view of how such “scaling” could work in general, please feel free to open a feature request issue on Github :slight_smile: Please bear in mind though, that K6 runner jobs are not akin to Kubernetes deployments and are not meant to execute that way.

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