How to round off value in Alert values?

I need to learn how to round of values ( mostly percentage values) to 2/3 decimals.

The alert step goes like this :

A: nodememoryMemAvailablebytes / nodememoryMemTotalbytes * 100
B: Reduce → Mean → (input) A
C: Math : $B < 50

Now, this reports the value in my slack alert as : 38.15013949954521

I’d like to round it off either two decimals (2) or round off to next integer.

I think this can be done via humanize or ceil functions. But i’m unable to follow where to even put that ?

I"m using Grafana V9 via docker.

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Any help is appreciated.

@melori.arellano, Could you please help on this if possible ?

Solved. For anyone searching this in the future, use this in your alert description section :

Only {{ printf "%.2f"  $values.B.Value }} % memory is left on node {{ $labels.instance }}.

thank you for this solution!!

If you have a moment, how did you find it?

It was bit tough to find it in docs, mostly experimentation.