How to remove panels from a repeating dashboard

Hi everyone. Like i said in the title, i’m looking for a way to remove some panels from a dashboard that has a repeating variable. Ask for many details.

Remove them from the variable whose query drives the repeat

I don’t think i can do that. My variable is setting on thanos data source.

You can’t do it with promql?

I’m not sure, i’m not quite an expert onestly. I’ll try to expone my situation. I have 18 plants (cluster), and i wanna to monitorate all the services that are working on all this plant, but in different panels. So, I set a variable that repeat each cluster, and i have 18 different panels. Furthermore, I created a single panel for each of the services. So, now i have 18 panels (cluster), and for each of them, i have a certain number of panels (services).
Now we have the problem, because not all the clusters have the same number of services. For example: I have plant X and plant Y. X has 10 services, Y has 7. With the repeating, i’ll see in Y the rigth 7 services, and also the 3 services that are part of X, but not in Y. I want to remove these useless and wrong panels.
I hope i wrote clear. Ask if you wanna other details.