How to delete just some panels in a dash with repeating variable?

Hi everyone. Like I said in the title, i’m looking for a way to remove just some panels in a dashboard with repeating variable. I set a variable, and Grafana automatically generated all the panels based on that variable. In this repeating there are some useless panels that I want to remove. How can I do that? thanks!

Welcome @munafoa

Best way to do it is to remove them from the source data that you are repeating on

Ok thank you. And what if I cannot do that? Do you have some other way?

maybe transformation

I tried, it doesn’t work. I’d remove panel, not data into the panel itself. If you have some other ideas please write, thanks.

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maybe this. Manual and static but might do the job


But that will produce the following which will be an issue

The last empty panel is for Houston, which is available in drop down (if you have a drop down) but is excluded in the query.

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