How to pull two measurements in Grafana from influxDB

I am am trying to combine Two Measurements into one reading in Single Stat.
The new KPI’s for PCF have two readings that take into account two different measurements. I am unable to get a reading. I have used the following.
M1 + M2
M1 merge M2
and none of them seem to work.
Any insight?

If you’re trying to sum multiple fields in Influx, that should be possible via the first query you mentioned (, though not across measurements (

Within Grafana, you can’t currently perform mathematical operations across series.

If you could say a bit more about what your data looks like and what the actual “combination” is you’re trying to achieve (e.g. sum, or concatenation of values?), that would be helpful in terms of being able to offer advice.

I am trying to get the total number of messages received across all listeners
(UDP, TCP, TLS, and GRPC.) and make it into one reading to see how much traffic the logging system handles.

By the way, my post above is no longer correct since the release of Grafana 7. Transformations (including merging and calculations) over different queries are now supported: