How to populate a variable from one query to another in Mixed data sources?

I am new to Loki and Grafana so please bear with me.

I have two queries

query 1:

    count by (date, websiteId) (
            {namespace=`namespace1`, container="container1"}
            |= `ERROR` 
            | pattern `<_>seed=<seed>`
           | pattern `<_> websiteId=<websiteId> `
            | label_format seed=`{{ .seed }}`
            | label_format date=`{{ __timestamp__ | date "2006-01-02"}}`
    ) > 2

query 2:
{ namespace=namespace2, container="container2"} |~ "{{ .seed }}"

I want to be able to create a Table using Mixed data sources. Query 1 should generate the seeds, and I want to do a query on these seeds using a regex in query 2.

I understand that I can do table Transformations. If i remove the count by and count over time, the logs match for the first query. The second query never matches anything (because Iā€™m obviously doing something wrong.)

Is it possible to create a list of seeds from query 1 i.e. seed = ā€œ||google.comā€ and so on and pass it to query 2?

We basically want to see what happens in query 2 at the time the logs match from query 1 and whatever seeds query 1 produces? Can this be done?