How to persist custom derived fields at Loki data source?

Hi, have any way to persist custom derived fields at the Loki data source? I can add then there and test, but the Loki data source is builtin and didn’t have the save button at the interface.


Hello! The only derived field currently supported in Grafana Cloud is “traceID” for associating tracing service data. Custom derived fields for the provisioned Loki datasource as well as custom tags for the provisioned Tempo datasource will be supported in the future although there is no current timeframe available.

Oh, bad news! This feature will be appreciated a lot to use Loki at the production environment.


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Definitely agree, it is being worked on!

If you’re already running a local Loki environment, then as a temporary workaround you could add your Loki datasource with your customizations and visualize/query the data in Grafana Cloud Visualize Existing Data | Grafana Labs

It is only the provisioned Loki datasource that cannot be modified at the moment, since it is managed by Grafana Cloud.