How to move the data display from previous day?

I want to make a graph showing the energy consumption from the submeters with the main meter from the electricity supplier.
The problem is that the sub-meters count on a regular basis and always show me the consumption data for a given moment, and the data from the supplier’s meter are downloaded once every 24 hours and show the values from the previous day.

So the sub-meter shows me the consumption of today, and the supplier’s meter shows the consumption of yesterday. How to display these data next to each other if for a given moment it is data from different days?


Please post version of grafana and data source you are using? Influx? Sql? Mysql?

Grafana v9.1.5

Are you using flux query or influxql?

i’m using influxql but now I see I will need to move to flux because have problems with getting data for each month…

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