How to move Grafana install from an old server to a new server

Hey Everyone,
I am trying to figure out how to relocate/migrate my current Grafana instance to a new server, but I have not had any success, nor can I find any information with regards to how to preform this task.

I have tried copying the current installation from the old server to the new one, made sure to edit the Custom.INI to point to the new server. The service would start and run, I could reach the login screen, but it would not log in.

next I completed a full install of Grafana, I was able to log in and set the admin password, then I stopped the service, and copied GRAFANA.DB to the new server, and fired up the service. Again it loaded and I got to the log in screen. The Password I set would not work (No surprise here) and the old usernames/passwords would not work (User and Admin).

Can someone point me to some documentation or provide me with the steps to do this. I really do not want to have to manually export everything from one to the other.

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for the Reply, but perhaps I am missing something. I have done what this article outlines how ever when I do log in I am left with an empty Grafana Install.

What needs to be done to restore the backup, just copy and Paste, with some editing?


Do a dashboard search. You might have migrated successfully but no dashboard search history