How to manually specify value column for timeseries chart?

We have a timeseries chart that has multiple series (categories) of data, with the following structure:

  • time - datetime
  • category - string
  • value - numeric

I would like for each series to display as its own line. However, there is an error that

Value column must have numeric data type

For some reason, Grafana is trying to use the ‘category’ column as the numeric value. How can I specify the numeric column (‘count’) as the value column?


What data source are you using?


PostgreSQL. It expects the timeseries column to be ‘time’. This is not hard to do, but it seems reasonable to be able to specifiy an existing colmn, rather than using ‘select column_name as time’.

What version of Grafana are you using? Please include the query you’re trying to use. Thanks